My role as your Wedding Celebrant is to manage the ceremony process for my clients. We will work together to ensure your stylish and sophisticated ceremony expresses your values, beliefs and personalities and is delivered with class. This precious moment is about you and celebrating your love. My knowledge, experience and guidance will assist in writing a unique ceremony, resulting in the perfect expression of your love. 



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   Attend to all the Legal Paperwork for your Marriage.
   Registration of your marriage with relevant state Registry.
   Solemnise your marriage according to Australian Law.

♥   Preparation of your ceremony and provision of drafts for
     your approval.
   Flexibility and choice of your ceremony.
   Take the time to get to know your needs, develop a personal
     understanding of your ceremony and create a personalised
     individual ceremony.
   Provide you with the opportunity to discuss all aspects of
     your ceremony and unlimited consultation by phone, email
     or in person.
♥   Provision of government information regarding Relationship Education Services.
  Lodge the application for the Registered Marriage Certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages for you.
   A rehearsal preferably onsite at your chosen ceremony venue.
♥   We will work together to design a contingency plan for wet weather.
♥   Your Presentation Marriage Certificate and copy of your ceremony.
   Attire to fit in with your wedding theme. It is your day and it is my intention to complement the Bridal Party.
♥   Provision of a portable table and chair with white cloth for signing of documents.
   A professional high quality PA system so the ceremony will be heard by all guests. 
  Time - a guarantee that no other wedding will be booked so that the Celebrant arrives late or needs to leave early. 
   Complies with the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants
   Recognition of social, cultural and legal significance of marriage in the Australian community.
 It is the Ceremony that Honours your Love and your Nuptials...
Let's create a Unique, Stylish & Sophisticated Ceremony that celebrates your Love!

The Ceremony will take approx 15 to 20 minutes. Civil, cultural and religious rituals differ of course, however a standard ceremony would look something like this. I have highlighted the Mandatory legal elements required by the Marriage Act 1961.
  Entrance / Processional 
    Music can be played as the couple and wedding party enter the ceremony.
  Welcome / Introduction 
    Welcome to family and friends. Celebrant talks about how you met and the purpose of the ceremony. 
    For a good balance to the ceremony, 2 readings are recommended. These as well as additional music selections
    may be incorporated anywhere throughout the ceremony.
♥  Giving the Bride Away                                                             MichaelaGui3.png - large
    Optional.  This is generally done by one parent, both parents or all
    parents; a family member or close friend.
    This is the legal part of the Ceremony from the Marriage Act that
    must be announced by the Celebrant.
  The Asking / Statement of Intent  
    The Celebrant will ask if you are willing to take each other as
    Husband and Wife.
  Exchange of Vows 
    The Marriage commitment. This can be repeated after the Celebrant, memorised or you can read from a Palm Card.
♥  The Ring Exchange  
    Optional. There is no legal requirement to exchange rings and is a personal choice. There may only be just one
    ring, usually for the bride. 
♥  Other Rituals 
    Optional. This could be a Candle Ceremony, Blending of Sands or Communal RinBlessing etc. These and other
    rituals may be incorporated into your ceremony.
♥  Declaration of Marriage / Newlyweds Kiss  
♥  Signing of the Marriage Register & Certificates 
    Two witnesses both 18 years of age are required to sign legal paperwork together with Bride, Groom and Celebrant.
    Music can be played at this time.
♥  Presentation of the Newlyweds  
    You will be presented with your Marriage Certificate and announced as Husband and Wife for the very first time.
♥  Recessional
    The couple leaves the ceremony area, followed by the Bridal Party, generally with some music.

To Marry in Australia you must satisfy certain Legal Requirements
    You must both be 18 years or over.
♥   At the wedding itself, you must have two witnesses minimum 18 years of age.
♥   Lodge the Notice of Intention to Marry Form.  You must give the Celebrant at least one month notice. 
     The form is valid for 18 months.  You can download a copy here Notice of Intention to Marry (NOIM) Form.
   If you were born in Australia - You must provide the Celebrant with an Original Birth Certificate or current Australian passport
     as proof of identification and age. If you don't have a copy of your Original Birth Certificate, this can be obtained from the
     Births Deaths and Marriage Registry office in your State of birth.
♥   If you were born overseas you will need to provide your current Passport and/or Original Birth Certificate.
♥   If the any documentation provided is not in English, you must provide a translated Certified Copy.
♥   Your marriage will be registered with the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages within 14 days of your marriage, and
     will be recognised both by Australian Government and overseas.
For State Registry Offices, Family Court, Supreme Court and UK Birth Certificate contact details see my Resources & Links Page.
The Wedding Ceremony Legal Requirements
For a Marriage ceremony to be legal, there are few simple words that must be said. This includes 'The Monitum' that the Marriage Celebrant must say and the 'Legal Vows' which the Bride and Groom must say to each other in front of two witnesses 18 years of age or over. The Bride and Groom's Full Legal Names (including middle names) must be used at least once in the ceremony.
The Monitum                     
My name is Danielle Ledgerwood and I am a Marriage Celebrant legally registered to  Joel_Louise-342(2).JPG - large
solemnise marriages according to the law.   (Bride and Groom), before you are
joined in marriage, in my presence and in the presence of witnesses, I am to remind
you of the solemn and binding nature of the relationship in which you are about to
enter.  Marriage, according to the law in Australia, is the union of a man and a woman,
to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.
Legal Vows
I call upon the persons here present to witness that I, (Groom Full Name / Bride Full Name)
take you, (Groom Full Name / Bride Full Name), to be my lawful wedded Husband / Wife.
Relationship Education Services
All Celebrants are legally required to provide you with the pamphlet issued by the
Australian Government 'Happily Ever... Before and After' - to encourage relationships skills
for love, family and life. I will also provide you with an additional document providing
national and local services available to you, should you wish to explore this further. I also
have a library of DVD's covering various topics that may be relevant to you... I am happy to
loan one or a few of these so you can view them in your own time.
Many couples dismiss Relationship Education and Counselling as unnecessary or only for people with problems. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The paradigm of marriage has changed significantly over the past generation. Increasing numbers of couples are living in de-facto relationships, getting married later, having children later and once mothers, more women are working full time. There have been increases in divorce rates and blended families. Expectations about what makes a successful marriage have also shifted.
Some couples may not have considered how their relationship may change once they are married. When there are differences in expectations, relationship conflicts or negative reactions to life transitions, professional educators and counsellors can provide assistance. Subjects covered range from how to resolve conflict without blaming each other through to dealing with issues relating to your different backgrounds and upbringing that can impact on how you want to bring up your own children. 
Many programs cover topics like Personality Differences, Lifestyle Expectations, Communication and Listening Skills, Conflict Management, Friends and Interests, Sexuality and Financial Issues Management.
Although not mandatory, you should consider it. Relationship Education and Counselling comes in all shapes and sizes and can be tailor-made to meet your needs. 

nullBefore the event, I recommend that the Bride and Groom host a rehearsal. It eases everyone's nerves is a good opportunity for participants to practise readings and ask questions. The main purpose is to walk through the processional and the recessional, making sure everyone knows where he or she will stand or sit. It is important to rehearse with the chosen music and to finalise the choreography and positioning of all the people involved. 
It is preferred to hold your rehearsal on site where your ceremony will be. I suggest we have the rehearsal as close to the time of day as your ceremony is planned. This way we can get a true indication of how it will be on your special day. E.g. where the sun will placed be if you are planning an outdoor ceremony. I know it is not always possible, however I recommend we ask all the participants in the ceremony to attend. Finally I explain the signing of the Marriage Certificate to all parties involved and go over all your paperwork to ensure it is correct.

I am happy to advise you with organising the details. I am happy to discuss travelling interstate for your special day, if you wish. In this case the travel and accommodation fees would be at your own expense.
After your marriage, you will need to apply for your Official Registered Marriage Certificate from the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry office of the State in which you were married.  You will require this certificate as proof of marriage and also for change of name purposes.  I am happy to assist you with this process.

It is possible to live your dream of getting married in Australia!! With our spectacular Gold Coast to Byron Bay venues, Sydney Harbour, stunning Botanical Gardens, gorgeous white sandy beaches and our spectacular Blue Mountains... there is an abundance of ceremony and wedding venue ideas. Please contact me to assist you with some ideas.
♥   When arranging a wedding from overseas, you must satisfy the same requirements as a person living in Australia.
♥   Your marriage can take place anywhere, on any day, and at any time of day or night.
♥   You must satisfy the same legal requirements as an Australian couple including lodging a 'Notice of Intention to Marry
     form, at least a month and a day before the wedding day. This needs to be signed by at least one of you at this time.  
     If your fiancé is out of the country, then he/she can sign this document on the day of the wedding if needs be. 
     You can download a copy of the form here Notice of Intention to Marry Form (NOIM).
 ♥   If you are both from overseas the Notice of Intended Marriage can be completed and posted to you and witnessed by
     Justice of the Peace (or relevant signatory) in the country that you are in. It can then be forwarded back to me and I
     will do the necessary paperwork this end.
   If any of your required documents are in a foreign language, you need to have them translated by a Certified Translator. 
     You can find details on Translators here
♥   You may want to find out more about marriage in Australia by contacting the Australian Embassy in your own country.
     You can find details here
   Some countries require the wedding certificate to have a special stamp which must be obtained at your country's
     Consulate or the Department of Foreign Affairs before you leave Australia to go home. It cannot be done after you leave
     Australia, so it is advisable to find out your exact requirements before you leave your country of origin.

australian marrying an Overseas Partner
When an Australian decides to marry an overseas partner, and intends to seek permanent residency for the partner, the matter is no longer just a matter of marriage - it becomes an immigration matter. 
To find out the latest Immigration requirements go to The Immigration Department's Website at
For information on Visa application try the following:
♥   Relationship Visa at
♥  Australian Migrating and Visa Solutions at
♥  Visa Solutions at

Getting Married Overseas
For information on an Australian getting married overseas, please contact the Embassy or other diplomatic mission of the country concerned. You can find details here
If that country requires you to get a certificate of no impediment to marriage, contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on (02) 6261 3015 or see details at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs website