Please consider the value of your Wedding Ceremony in the overall context of your special Wedding day. It is your Wedding Ceremony that honours your love and your lives together and sets the tone for the whole day. I will provide you with peace of mind that all the details, for this very important moment in your lives, are considered. My fees are very reasonable inclusive of a rehearsal onsite at your venue and P.A. hire if required. I look forward to hearing from you.  

    Attend to all the Legal Paperwork prior to and after your marriage and cover all administration costs.
    Provision of government information regarding Relationship Education Services.
    Preparation of your ceremony and provision of drafts for your approval. I spend up to 20 hours working with my Wedding
      clients in the planning, preparation and delivery of a unique and personal ceremony.
   Provide sufficient resources for you to work with to assist you in your preparation.
   Flexibility and choice of your ceremony.
♥    Meetings are held at a convenient location to which we both agree. You are entitled to unlimited consultations with me
      whether they are in person, on the phone or via email.
    I always recommend we arrange a rehearsal and will advise you in designing a contingency plan for bad weather.
    Day of the ceremony - I guarantee no other ceremony will be booked so close that I arrive late or need to leave early. 
      I arrive onsite minimum one hour early to ensure the set-up of your ceremony venue is perfect for your nuptials.
    Conduct your marriage according to Australian Law and comply with the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants.
    Registration of your marriage with Births, Deaths and Marriages.
   Lodge the application for your Registered Marriage Certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages for you.

  Booking Fee  
    A 50 % deposit is required 7 days after confirmation to secure your desired date and time.  
  Balance of Payment 
    Balance of total fee payable 14 days prior to your ceremony. Each celebrant has different terms and conditions. 
  Forms of Payment 
    Fees can be paid by Direct Debit or Cash. 
    I will refund your booking fee within 7 days of confirmation otherwise the booking fee is non-refundable. You forfeit your
    booking fee as this covers the time and administration costs of lodging your Notice of Intended Marriage and providing
    you access to relevant resources.  
    In the event of the ceremony not taking place or the bridal couple disengaging the services of Danielle Ledgerwood, refund
    or partial refund will be at the discretion of Danielle Ledgerwood
    Does NOT apply and will not be charged.
    Your personal details and your wedding arrangements are strictly confidential. I only disclose this information to the
    authorities I am obliged to lodge forms with and report to.
  Additional Factors which may be included in your Quote
    Additional fees may apply for Parking costs.
    Harbour Cruise Weddings - Water taxi fees for Harbour Weddings is at the client's expense.

    For weddings in hot-air balloons or at unusual venues an additional fee may apply due to the extended time involved.
    Travelling outside of Gold Coast, overnight accommodation, translation/interpreting services and themed costuming.




  Book Early
    Celebrants and local wedding venues often have bookings up to two years in advance with March and November being
    the most heavily booked popular months. Think about the possibility of having a weekday wedding where the cost is
    considerably less.  
    Remember to relax, breathe and smile. This is your special day - so enjoy it!!
    Will sign her MAIDEN NAME on all documents including the Marriage Certificate.
  A Best Woman or a Brides-Man
    Today the Bride can choose Brides-Men for her attendants and the Groom may also have a Best Woman. 
    There are many simple ways children may be included in the Ceremony, from Flower Girls and Ring Bearers to the
    important job of holding the bouquet. It is important to include them in the rehearsal so they know what is expected
    of them. 
    Many venues forbid the use of confetti because of its environmental impact. Consider some other options like bubbles,
    dried rose petals or rosemary (a sign of fertility). If you are unsure - your venue or the council will advise you of what is
  Council Approval
    If you marry in a public place you will most likely need Council Approval and pay a booking fee. Please check my
    Resources & Links page for Council details.
  Flies are NOT our Friend
    If you think flies will be an issue, then consider purchasing cans of repellent for your guests.
    Creating a Wedding Register with a list of gifts from which your guests can select a gift which also suits their budget is
    very popular today and offered by many department stores. Remember to create a list of who gave you what when you
    sit down to open your gifts, and you can thank each person for their specific gift. 
    The buttonhole flowers are worn on the left lapel with the flower up. The pleats on a cummerbund are worn facing up.
  Guest Accommodation
    If you have guests coming from out of town, then please consider their budgets for accommodation. It is also a really
    nice idea to provide them with a local map including points of interest and restaurants in that area. 
  Hen's Parties & Bucks Nights
    It is really wise to consider holding these fun events at least 3 to 4 weeks prior to your Wedding Day for many reasons. 
  Mothers of the Bride & Groom
    Please consider both mothers and consult them each about what the other is wearing.
  Postage Stamps with a Wedding Photo
    Australia Post offers a very unique service and will print your very own postage stamps with a photo from you wedding. 
    Phone them on PH: 131318 or check out their website for more details.  Australia Post Personalised Stamps.
  Water Bottles and Shade for an Outdoor Ceremony
    The Sun in Australia can be extremely uncomfortable on a hot summer day.  It is a really great idea to provide bottles of
    water if you think your guests will be outside for a prolonged period of time. Please consider shade cover for your guests.
  Wedding Invitations
    Invitations are usually sent out 2 months prior to the wedding date. If you are concerned about your date being at a
    busy time of year like Christmas or during a Public Holiday, then sending your guests a "Save the Date" notice months
    before the invitation is a great idea. Include in the invitation your PLAN B Wet Weather alternative together with the
    contact numbers of your Management people. Your guests can contact your Management people on the day to confirm
    where the ceremony will be held. 
  Wet Weather Contingency Plan
    It is important to have a wet weather alternative if you have arranged an outdoor Ceremony. I recommend you allocate 2
    or 3 of your guests as Management people, who can advise your other guests of the decision you make on the day. It
    can be helpful to  supply some umbrellas for your guests if you still decide to go ahead with this option and to ensure
    you have some large umbrellas in the wedding cars in case of rain.